4 November, 2022, 19:00

QA MeetUp


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Hey guys!
Expert Fridays invites all to attend the QA Meetup and eagerly awaits everyone on November 04 at 19:00 at İba Cafe

Our speakers:

— Aleksei Chumagin, Global QA Practice Lead. Theme — «What is Infrastructure Testing and Why it’s needed»

— Bogdan Volodarskiy, Data Quality Solution Architect. Theme  — «QA for AI»

— Bulat Khakimov, QA Practice Lead. Theme — «QA process on UI for Apache Kafka».

The pizza, beer, and reports are ready. We are waiting only for you to have an excellent and useful time with interesting people!

Meetup is free, you only need to register 😊


Aleksei Chumagin

«What is Infrastructure Testing and Why it's needed». The importance of the infrastructure on which the application is built is difficult to overestimate. Is there a place for QA here? Let's try to figure it out.


Bogdan Volodarskiy

«QA for AI». Telling you more about types of testing for data/ml, why it is necessary and when to use it.


Bulat Khakimov

«QA process on UI for Apache Kafka». About the testing process on the project, what we have now and how we are planning to improve it.