9 December, 2022, 19:00

Java Meetup


About Events

Hey guys!

We invite you all to attend the Java Meetup and eagerly await everyone on December 09 at 19:00 at İba Cafe.

Expert Fridays is a meetup that is held monthly in Antalya to learn new skills, meet new people and discuss news and challenges outside of our laptops’ screens. The pizza, beer, and presentations are always with us there!

Meetup is free, you only need to sign up 😊

We are waiting for you to have an excellent and useful time with interesting people!


  • Bulat Lutfullin, Team Lead – “Is Java functional?”
  • Roman Nedzvetskiy, Java Engineer – “Java (letsplay) part 19: WHATS NEW?”
  • Alexey Zavialov, Solution Architect – “Quarkus vs. Spring”

Bulat Lutfullin

For a long time, programmers have considered functional programming as a way to improve code. But what is functional programming? Is it possible to say that about Java?


Alexey Zavialov

Everyone knows Spring Framework, but few people know about Quarkus. Let's discuss what it is, what are the similarities and differences.


Roman Nedzvetskiy

Java is developing by leaps and bounds: frequent release cycles, and many new JEP features. Let's see how Java code would evolve if we added features from each release.