1 July, 2022, 19:00

Front-end MeetUp

«İba Cafe» Antalya, Altınkum

About Events

Expert Fridays are back!
The first meetup will take place on July 1 at 19:00 at İba Cafe Antalya (Altınkum No:174 D:1).
The meetup will be all about Front-end.
Our speakers:

  • Artur Romanov, Software Engineer. The topic is «React 18. Is it worth it?»
  • Alexey Kozyurov, Software Engineer. The topic is «How did we stop using react-scripts? Fast!»
  • Roman Gafiatullin, Software Engineer. The topic is «SolidJS. Here we go again!».

Join us to discuss the most interesting topics, drink beer, talk and eat pizza!
Meetup is free, you only need to register 🙂


Artur Romanov

React 18. Is it worth it?


Alexey Kozyurov

How did we stop using react-scripts? Fast!


Roman Gafiatullin

SolidJS. Here we go again!