26 August, 2022, 19:00

Data Engineering MeetUp

'Berry Garden' Cafe

About Events

I hope you’re ready for another batch of exciting reports! Because on August 26 at 19:00 at “Berry Garden” Cafe there will be another meetup!

The meetup will be all about Data Engineering 👀

Our speakers:

— Rustam Manakov, Data Engineer. The topic is — «Easy pipelines with AWS step functions»

— Nikita Dementev, Software Engineer. The topic is  — «Data Discovery: what, why, and how»

— Alexey Zavialov, Software Engineer. The topic is — «Best Practices for Migrating and Optimizing Amazon EMR Workloads».

The pizza, beer, and reports are ready. We are waiting only for you to have an excellent and useful time with interesting people!

Meetup is free, you only need to register 😊


Rustam Manakov

Easy pipelines with AWS step functions


Nikita Dementev

Data Discovery: what, why, and how


Alexey Zavialov

Best Practices for Migrating and Optimizing Amazon EMR Workloads